Summer Roundup: 2016 Edition

Some say summer’s almost over, but at Four Winds Creative, the heat is on. First, let’s recap what happened since May. We flew drones in San Diego with some very special 4th graders who were learning to calculate rocket trajectories. If that wasn’t enough, that same school had some kindergarteners doing 3D architectural modeling.  No foolin’! Then Four Winds traveled to the opposite corner of the US (specifically Boston), where after shooting 7 interviews, we went to Quincy Market and the Boston Aquarium. Why does going to the aquarium make you want Legal Seafood?

Our summer of travel didn’t stop there! Then it was off to Sunny Phoenix and Sunnyvale and then to the Bar B Que Mecca of Kansas City. Yum! With a little ‘south of the border action’ over the July 4th weekend, we adventured to Mexico City, where we learned how technology is changing the way teachers teach and students learn. If you didn’t know, it’s also has had a huge impact on the parents who got their first taste of technology served up by their very own kids.

View from our Boston shooting location

What else? In mid-July, after a second trip back to Kansas City, we came home to host the most successful Bay Area Creative Freelancer Guild MeetUp to date. This time it was at the incredible location of Mac House Productions in Fremont, CA. We had tons of fun and networking while we helped solve some of the challenges that the freelance community face every day. Also in July, we celebrated Charlyn’s birthday …. several times.

On the home front, errr….well… office home front, we bid a melancholy farewell to our old office in downtown San Jose and a hearty hello to our three-times-larger new office on Bascom Avenue in San Jose. And if that wasn’t enough reason to celebrate, Eva stepped it up to full-time work with Four Winds Creative this summer too. But we didn’t stop there… In addition, to help with all the day to day madness, we hired a new full-time employee, Daphne. Read that as TWO full-time employees at the new office! Woo hoo! Which, of course, called for new business cards and a new voice mail.

Intel Intern from Oakland

Shortly after the move, we slammed it home with 300 “likes” on our Facebook page (thank you all, you know who you are). And the “FWC Blog-O-Meter” went crazy with a controversial Internal vs. External discussion from Todd and a Lasting Impression at your event piece from Keith. Yeah, we do events too! Through several local Bay Area shoots, with some very talented “High School Makers,” we saw through their eyes how Oakland, CA might see some technology upgrades that improve the quality of life for its residents. Check out the wrap up video on YouTube.

What’s next? Well we took proud possession of two Mevo cameras and we’ll be doing some demos and an open house in the months to come, so stand by for more excitement as we head into the fall.

Mevo Camera

Shine Bright.

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