The New Office: Our Next Frontier

We’ve had such an exciting July and hope you have too! Part of what made our July so fun was the prospect of our new and improved office becoming a reality in short order. Don’t get us wrong, we loved that for more than a year, our mission took us to the office at, “The Bank of Italy Building.”  It was great to have Four Winds Creative be part of such a historic landmark’s story.

We enjoyed being the only building of the San Jose skyline to be “iconic,” and it was pretty cool to have a cupola full of endangered peregrine falcons right above our heads. Even with all the exploration we enjoyed in downtown San Jose, it was time to boldly go to our next destination in this trek. We’d miss the view, but it was time to set a new course.


So on August 1st, we bid farewell to the office we had on the 11th floor (mostly because we’re growing so fast with two full time employees, Eva and Daphne, rounding out the staff these days).  The new space is almost three times the size and, don’t worry, is still in San Jose, the heart of Silicon Valley. AND…. It used to be an FBI office. No kidding!

“But where?” you ask. We’re at 950 South Bascom Ave and, once settled in, we’re hosting an open house, so stay tuned for more on that. In the meantime, we’ll share a few sneak peeks with you here, starting with this timelapse of our move!


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