A Day in the Life of Ari

With McAfee, our goal was to create a story about their threat detection technology in a memorable Pixar style animation with relatable characters.

Client: McAfee
Project: 3d Animation
Roles: Storyboarding, Character Modeling and Design, 3D animation, Editing
Duration: 12 Weeks
Location: Santa Clara, California

Four Winds Creative had much success in producing a series of artistic and creative 3D animations for McAfee’s B2B audience. When their consumer group approached us to do a crossover animation that targets both business (B2B) and consumer (B2C) audiences, we were excited! Working closely with McAfee’s Marketing Creative Director, we brainstormed a variety of concepts and approaches. We decided to go with a humorous approach with likable and relatable characters that consumer audiences will embrace, which resulted in a Pixar-like 3D animation without the movie budget.

Our main character Ari was born! The video details the start of a bad day and culminates as him (and his dog) as a hero. From the animation artists to the voice-over actor, our entire production team loved working on this challenging and rewarding project. Our client, thrilled with the result, felt it represented their brand in a fun and unique way, and they released this animation in a successful campaign targeting both consumer and business audiences.

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