Ericsson MediaFirst Platform Sizzle Reel

The Ericsson MediaFirst Platform was introduced to help active people seamlessly take their television viewing experience on the road. This video was made to attract attention in a busy trade-show environment and to spur customer conversations with the Ericsson booth staff.

Client: Ericsson
Project: Sizzle Video for a Tradeshow
Roles: Ideation, Art Direction, Animation, Editing, and Finishing
Duration: 4 Weeks
Location: San Jose, California

Since there was no spoken dialogue, Four Winds Creative had to ensure that the visuals and onscreen text conveyed the key selling points of the Ericsson Media First Platform. The platform is device agnostic and promotes mobility and seamless integration across all operating systems.

By using the latest in 3D Animation software and careful integration of licensed hit television and movie content, we showed the key strengths of the platform while keeping the viewer engaged and interested to learn more from Ericsson’s team.

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