Brad Gilbert Biopic and Documentary

With this Fortune 50 tech corporation, our goal was to create a story that inspired perseverance and the winning spirit for their Global Sales and Marketing Teams.

Client: Fortune 50 Tech Company
Project: Documentary
Roles: Ideation, Scripting, Producing, Video Production, Editing
Duration: 6 Weeks
Location: San Carlos, California

We were approached to produce an executive keynote at a global Sales and Marketing conference for a Fortune 50 Technology Company in the Silicon Valley. The executive we were supporting was a huge sports fan, and the theme they chose was “Winning”. Working closely with the executive and his staff, we created the entire flow of his keynote, including everything from a live panel discussion to the videos he wanted to weave throughout. We were tasked with finding a professional sports coach who could speak about overcoming challenges and having that winning spirit. We spoke with a sports agent in LA who gave us a list of possible candidates and budget ranges. As we researched the coaches, Brad Gilbert stood out to us since he had been a professional tennis player, Olympic Bronze medalist, and transitioned into coaching some of the most talented tennis players in the world including Andre Agassi, Andy Roddick, and Andy Murray.

Tennis is a physical game, but it is also very mental. A player must learn to overcome a lost point, a lost game, a lost match, and focus on being in the moment and winning the next point. This message is strong in business as you constantly face challenges, competition, losing sales, and trying to achieve quotas. This keynote and the Brad Gilbert video educated and inspired the audience. Feedback on the keynote was outstanding and many commented it was the best the executive had ever done. The audience said they learned not to focus on being knocked down, but to concentrate on getting back up and having a fighting spirit to win.

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