About Four Winds Creative

More than a production company

We believe creative freedom and a spirit of fun are essential for every project. We focus on outrageously good client satisfaction, all the while maintaining a high level of professionalism and top notch production quality throughout our creative approach.

Meet Our Founders

The Founders

Charlyn, Todd and Keith met in 2001 while working together for a well-known Fortune 50 technology corporation, where they developed a unique combination of expertise in creating engaging content for a variety of audiences. In May 2014, Four Winds Creative was born.

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Our Values

High Quality Productions and Service

Our company’s culture is based on four values. The first one is QUALITY. Whether that comes in the form of the production value we bring to the project, the high-caliber crews we work with, or the high-impact our videos, animations, and events have on the audience, we believe the value of quality can’t be overstated.

With every project, we strive to deliver the best possible quality that provides the highest value on-screen during each stage of the production. But, beyond the product itself, we endeavor to be a quality partner to each client and crew member we work with. The quality of the relationships we form as we enjoy the journey together is why we started Four Winds Creative.

Client Satisfaction through Continuous Improvement

Our background is strongly built on this fundamental idea from the Silicon Valley: “Continuous Improvement.” We are always looking for ways to deliver the highest CLIENT SATISFACTION by not only exceeding expectations of our clients, but by also being better than the last project. This is the reason that most of our clients are long term repeat customers.

We get it. The target is never sitting still and what worked before can always be improved. We’ve learned that feedback is a gift and taking it to heart delights our production partners and helps us grow creatively. In turn, we love to make people happy by delivering consistently excellent client satisfaction. Try us and see what we mean.

Freedom to Be Creative

One of the cornerstones and values of Four Winds Creative is FREEDOM. When the company was formed it was important to the founders that our team and our clients would be free to explore creative options that may be unusual or less than traditional, if that’s what the project called for.

We believe in clear and open communication and the freedom to work with the people you want to work with, as well as the types of projects you want to work on. We also found that allowing our clients to work in a way that’s natural for them enables a certain freedom as well. This leads to incredible partnerships and great results. Simply stated, when creative teams enjoy freedom, they do their best work.

Fun through Teamwork

“If you’re not having FUN, then you’re probably doing it wrong.” We enjoy what we do. That’s why we do it. We want to work on your projects, and we want to make the experience fun for you and our crew. We find this zest for the work is contagious, and we often have very surprised clients and crew pointing out how fun a day on location was and how quickly time flew by.

We spend most of our lives working, so it’s important that we inject fun into our work whenever we can. And we find the most fun comes from working with passionate and creative people who understand the vision and work together toward the same goal of making it come to life.

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