What Is the Corporate Video Production Process?

The corporate video production process comprises multiple steps and teams, which can be a lot to manage if you’re still new to video. Fortunately, you don’t have to do everything yourself or even find separate camera operators and video editors to work with. 

An experienced production company, such as Four Winds Creative, can guide you through each stage of production. With the right help, you can create high-quality video content that boosts your brand and marketing goals.

The Corporate Video Production Process

Many people watch commercials and high-end social media videos and immediately assume they can create the same type of content. However, corporate videos, in particular, require attention to detail and a deep understanding of the production process to market your brand properly. 

An experienced production company, such as Four Winds Creative, can help you through each stage of production. Our various teams understand the ins and outs of production, videography, editing, and animations. They will secure all the equipment, resources, and schedules you need well before your production date.

Development and Pre-Production

To start, a corporate video production company will help you develop your idea into a tangible video concept. They’ll consider your goals, budget, brand, project format, and other key factors to devise your best and most affordable production strategy. 

The different steps of pre-production include:

  • Scripting and storyboarding: The production team will craft a script or outline for your project, whether you’re filming a 30-second commercial or a two-day event. This level of planning ensures production teams don’t miss any important details later on. 
  • Budget and logistics: Producers and production managers will arrange the logistics of your overall production plan, including your location, budget, insurance, equipment, and crew.
  • Scheduling: The production team will plan out a detailed schedule for your video, including the filming dates and an ordered shot list for each day. 



The video itself is captured during the production stage. This stage is all-hands-on-deck, often requiring a production manager, camera crews, a sound team, and more.

Most productions are fast-paced and focused, guaranteeing the teams can capture everything in their allotted time. Missing certain shots could require you to omit them from your final video or go back to reshoot at the same location, which can significantly increase your budget. 

With so much going on, it’s essential to have a thoroughly organized plan from pre-production. Beyond that, you must also prioritize corporate video production companies with reliable track records. The best production crews follow proper chains of command, guaranteeing all decisions go through the producers and align with your vision. 

Post-Production and Distribution

After production, your video production company will clean and edit your footage into a high-quality final cut. Depending on the corporate video style you want, many post-production teams can also add motion graphics, visual effects (VFX), and sound effects to amplify your brand. 

Once you have a solid final cut, the production company can help you through your marketing and distribution plan. You may already have a platform in mind, such as your website or social media site. The post-production team can format your videos for whatever you have planned, such as by changing video orientation and length for Instagram reels. 

How Does the Process Vary for Different Video Productions?

Nearly every video production company offers different services and follows different practices. Always verify that your chosen company provides the services you need and has a workflow that fits your creative process before making any decisions. 

For example, in addition to standard video production, Four Winds Creative offers services for live events. Our teams can livestream conferences, presentations, and more across various platforms. Plus, with multiple camera crews, we can capture interviews, B-roll, and unique angles to give you plenty of footage to work with later. Given their timeframes, live events require rather different production processes with extensive planning and rehearsal — which we can help you through. 

Partner With an Experienced Corporate Video Production Company

Four Winds Creative was founded in 2014, but many of us have worked together for over two decades. Our combined experience in video and marketing has helped us learn more about the corporate video production process. We’ll work with you through each stage, from development through distribution, to create a final cut that meets your brand goals. 

Invest in your corporate video production today to enhance your marketing and communication strategies. 



What are the five stages of video production?

The five stages of the video production process include development, pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution. Development and pre-production bring an idea into a tangible script and production plan. Filming occurs during production, footage is edited during post-production, and the final project is marketed and released during distribution. 

What are the processes of video production companies?

Most video productions begin by developing your idea into a plan that fits your budget and goals. The production team will then capture and edit your video into a format you can easily distribute. Of course, every video production company offers different services and equipment. Your video production may also require an audio, drone, or VFX team to fit your vision. 

What are the procedures for video production?

The video production process follows strict procedures and chains of command, though many projects differ. As a client, you meet with producers first to discuss your video concepts, goals, and budget. From here, the producers delegate tasks to appropriate production crews, including locations, camera, audio, and editing teams. An organized production company will track each team’s steps so you can check in on your project or change details as needed. 

What is the video production workflow process?

The production workflow often looks different for each production team and project. Before filming anything, the camera department and other teams need time to set up equipment, fine-tune the lighting, and work out any audio issues. You may need multiple camera crews for large-scale projects like live events. Alternatively, the camera team may take a back seat for drone, audio, animation, or VFX-centered projects. 

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