How To Choose a Corporate Video Production Company

Whether you’re preparing training videos, a live event, or an ad campaign, a corporate video production company can help you maximize your video content. Of course, you shouldn’t choose your creative partner at random. Instead, you must consider each team’s reputation, resources, costs, and skills to guarantee the best results for your content. 

The Importance of Choosing the Right Corporate Video Production Company

You don’t have to understand framing, lighting, and resolution to recognize when an image just looks bad. However, actually identifying the problems typically requires some film experience. A reputable video production company can spot any potential quality issues before the camera even starts. This will save you production time, limit mistakes, and improve your overall finished product. 

Reputation and experience are everything when it comes to film and video. While almost anyone can hit “record,” video professionals know how to maximize every detail while staying true to your vision. You’ll need to consider many factors when choosing your best video production company.

A group of video producers on the beach, shooting a corporate video.

Define Your Objectives and Budget

Before you do anything, it’s best to clearly define your project’s objectives and budget. This will help you determine which types of video production teams to reach out to. For example, if you’re assembling an ad campaign with text and graphics, you should partner with a company with animation experience. On the other hand, if you’re capturing live content on camera, a professional production company will provide you with the right equipment, crew, and shooting schedule. 

Consider the following factors when defining your goals:

  • Format: Where will most people see your video content? TV and streaming ads generally demand higher video quality than social media and website videos. 
  • Message: What do you want people to take away from your video? Are you marketing a product, service, or your company as a whole? What would be the best ways to communicate this?
  • Impact and reach: Who is your primary target audience? What is the best way to grab and maintain their attention? Different demographics tend to use different social media platforms and prefer different types of content.
  • Call to action: Do you want viewers to be motivated to buy your products or contact your organization after your video is finished? Even if it’s only at the end, your entire video should effectively lead into your call to action.

Assess the Experience and Expertise

Check out the production company’s website and social media accounts to gauge their levels of experience and video quality. All high-end companies should have a portfolio on their site that shows off their finished products and production processes. These can help you determine if their abilities and styles meet your interests. 

That said, don’t just look at production companies’ demo videos. Many clips in portfolios aren’t actually from specific projects but are instead test footage, such as from trying out a new camera. Though these demo clips may look cool, they don’t actually reflect a company’s ability to collaborate with clients. So, you should also browse the work they’ve done for other businesses and corporate initiatives to make sure they can align with your brand. 

Review Testimonials and References

You can generally find a production crew’s testimonials somewhere on their website, though most businesses will only list their positive reviews. To gauge the best overall impression, research what others have to say about the production company across different platforms. If necessary, ask for references and talk directly with the company’s previous clients.

Evaluate Creativity and Style

Even if your corporate video doesn’t seem like an “artistic” project, you should still have at least a few creative minds working on it. Emotional camera framing, color palette choices, juxtaposition timing, and various other factors can drastically change how viewers interpret your videos. 

Experienced cinematographers and editors can creatively fine-tune your video projects around your vision. They’ll also optimize their best strategies and equipment to make your content look eye-catching and unique. 

Consider Equipment and Technology

Camera equipment for corporate video production.

While almost every production company has a camera and a microphone, professional teams often have unique inventories that can be used to your video’s advantage. For example, camera cranes let you achieve shots from higher angles with smooth, seamless movement. On the other hand, specific editing software lets editors and animators create unique assets and videos that standard programs can’t.

Ask corporate video production companies about the following equipment and technology:

  • Camera models
  • Camera lens options
  • Camera cranes and pedestals
  • Camera dollies
  • Camera gimbals and Steadicams
  • Drones
  • Boom microphones
  • Lavalier microphones
  • Lighting gear

Communication and Collaboration

Communication is essential for almost any creative process, especially when working with multiple crew members and editors. The corporate video production company you work with should be able to communicate and collaborate effectively across different teams. Otherwise, you could risk your message getting lost between pre- and post-production. 

Outside of testimonials and referrals, you can usually gauge a production company’s communication skills early in the development process. Consider how quickly they respond to your messages and how well they seem to understand your goals. Of course, misunderstandings don’t always mean a production company can’t collaborate well. But if you notice several miscommunications when discussing your video content, you may be better off working with different videographers

Ask About Post-Production Services

The post-production process covers your video’s juxtaposition, color correction, animation, and other editing needs. Every production company’s editorial staff differs. While some only offer basic edits, others offer sound design, graphic animation, and numerous revisions. These services are often crucial for perfecting your video content as envisioned.  

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