Creative Freelancers Biggest Questions… and Answers!

What do you feel is your biggest challenge as a freelancer? Getting noticed? Finding and get returning clients? Maybe your challenge is that you’re not sure if you’re leaving a lasting impression. These are all questions most creative freelancers have throughout their careers and many will agree that keeping their schedule booked depends on one thing, a strong network.

We tackled these questions and more during a great discussion at the July Creative Freelancer Meet-Up hosted by the Four Winds Creative Team and a partner from our own trusted network, Mac House Productions. If you’re not familiar with the Mac House team, they are an awesome production team founded by Viet Mac, an inspiring young man who has followed his passions fearlessly and cultivated a team of dedicated artists. His team at Mac House can fulfill any production need from studio space to equipment rental, from pre to post production, and they have a ton of fun in the process.

So many great freelancer and creative resources were shared at the event that we decided to pull them together for everyone.

NYLO Talent is a model and talent agency located in Emeryville. Talent agencies are one way to find work as an actor/actress.

Digital Marketplace: Over 9 million digital products created by a global community of designers, developers, photographers, illustrators & producers.
If you’ve already created something and still own the rights to it, adding it to the Digital Marketplace is an easy way to get your work out there and potentially make some extra money.

Will Party: Furniture Party Rental  great for hosting events or providing chairs/tents on location shoots.

Candidio is an editing service that takes user and home generated content, and helps craft a story. Thanks for the tip, Adam Helweh!

Aspera: Aspera offers innovative High speed file transfer software. Thanks for the tips, Eric Wise! Video Collaboration

Decko 88:Unique event and furniture rental for your extraordinary events or unique set dressing needs. Thanks for tip, Viet Mac!

Overall it was a fun and informative night! We loved hearing from everyone and meeting so many new people. Huge thanks to Mac House for providing the awesome space (you can see we had fun with the green screen), the people who shared their own work, and our community members for making such a memorable evening.If you missed the meetup or wanted a closer look at your favorite project presentation, you can find them here:

Demo Reel – Eric Wise

Penny The Goose – Lisa Fryklund

Still Me, With Cancer – Scott Hildula

LARPing Documentary – Sara Lennon

If you’d like to attend a Bay Area Creative Freelancer Guild event, please sign up for the meet-up group here. As you can see from the photos, we have food, useful discussion and sometimes dogs!

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