We’re Celebrating a Huge Milestone!

Today is a big day for us at Four Winds Creative. Two years ago today Todd, Keith and I started this company. The memories of walking into our first tiny bare office,  outlining our company mission at our first founders retreat and signing the first client are very fresh. We are so grateful to those of you whose projects have given our business so much momentum. Thank you to the talented network of creative freelancers that allow our tiny team to extend to any size. And of course we thank our family and friends who have been incredibly understanding about the long hours we’ve spent getting this business off the ground. We wouldn’t be celebrating today without all of you.

Last year we didn’t make a big deal about the one year mark. The three of us were in different places busy with projects, who had time to celebrate?! Today we’re at it again. We are in different cities heads down on projects and we couldn’t be happier. Although we may be too busy for champagne and cake, we aren’t too busy to say thank you.

We wanted to show you some of the awesome work we’ve been able to do over the last two years. You may recognize your project, your contributions or maybe even see yourself in a cameo in the video above!

And keep in touch! We’ve got exciting news coming this summer.

Keith, Char and Todd

Our first company retreat and selfie 🙂


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