Web Series: America’s Finest Grill on Destination America’s site

Watch how we built the most American grill EVER. First, you tear apart a 15′ trailer. Second, you buy a kegerator. Third, you pray you get it done in time. 

Discovery Digital Networks hired us to work with Hillshire Farms and the TechShop in San Jose to build the most American BBQ grill imaginable. From an epic mural of George Washington eating a hot dog on top of an eagle to a 3D printed condiment station featuring Mt. Rushmore, Four Winds Creative produced a 3 episode web series documenting it all. If anyone needs b-roll of hot dogs and condiments, then “we got that b-roll!”

Watch it here now with our fabulous host, Patrick Norton (Tekzilla and DIY Tryin’):

Did the TechShop team pull it off? Did they build America’s Finest Grill? Watch episode 3 to see what’s under the black curtain.

Lights, Camera, Action.

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