From Burglary to NAB, Get Caught Up With Our April Adventures


No foolin’ around this month!  As April comes to a close here at Four Winds Creative we have to take a look back on a super-crazy-fun month. Let’s recap a few highlights.

Try to keep up. :-]

We upgraded our e-mail service, hired another employee, started to actually market ourselves for the first time with a lot of awesome help, added more editorial capacity, scoped out a half dozen possible new offices to handle our growth, updated our accounting systems, had a desk stolen from our lobby, caught up with old friends from Intel, made new ones at our MeetUp, lost our NAB virginity, scoped out some awesome new tech from Mevo, immersed ourselves in a virtual world, finished some Thunderbolt Horseshoes, played some outstanding pinball, learned about Aurora, went back to school in Berkeley with Rebeca Mincoff, and taught a lesson of our own in studio vs. field locations, learned tons from Bould Designs and the folks at FlatEV, and found inspiration from a company BBQ.  

FWC on the field and in action April 2016


No wonder it’s time to catch our breath and get ready for May. All that said, we really enjoyed the crazy pace and can’t wait for the next unusual challenge to come our way. In May, we’ll be celebrating a special milestone and traveling out of the Silicon Valley just a little so watch for us ‘on location near you.’  Now that we’ve shared a little of our April adventures, we want to know what’s been keeping you busy this spring.  What are you up to?

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