Fresh Faces at Social Media Marketing World

Where can you find 3 thousand outgoing, karaoke singing, talented social media gurus? Nowhere but Social Media Marketing World [SMMW], of course. Charlyn Villegas and I made our way to San Diego as first timers to this insane conference. We met some great people, danced a lot, and took home a few golden nuggets of information.  

I’ve never been around so many high energy people for so many hours of the day, multiple days in a row. I came home with new fuel for my creative fire; I also came home and slept for 13 hours straight.

Never having been to this conference before, we weren’t totally sure what to expect. Knowing the typical conference format, I expected a lot of handshakes, business card trades, and the generally infamous networking. Char foresaw a lot of learning. We ended up discovering all of that and much, much, more.

Like any conference, SMMW was jam packed with information in a short amount of time. But what surprised me was the wide range of attendees and speakers. We met an entire spectrum of social marketers ranging from solopreneurs and vloggers to people who run social marketing for companies of all different sizes. Speakers ranged from corporate consultants to Instagram pros and everything in between. I was overwhelmed with the passion pouring out of each person there, and the consistent encouragement to do great things.

Attending SMMW gave me a new perspective on Social Media Marketing; it’s not about waking up one day and having a great following, but about creating content that people want, and doing it consistently. If you don’t serve your audience, someone else will!

Thanks for reading! If you’re interested in attending SMMW in 2018, you can register here. And check out this little video that Char and I made from the trip:

Lights, Camera, Action.

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