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Freelance tips on how to compete with LA crews

As someone who came into the entertainment business late in the game, I appreciate the value of networking because the people you surround yourself with can make or break your career. I met this month’s speaker at San Jose State University, when I decided to go to film school in my late 30’s.

Be Moved by Stories

Think of the stories you remember. Why do you remember them? Were they funny? Were they sad? Did they get you all fired up with a need to make a change? Chances are you remember the story because it hit you smack dab in your heart. You felt something. You were moved by a struggle, Be Moved by Stories

Spreading Your Ideas

Often we have great ideas that people just don’t glom onto as fast as we think they should. If you’re like me it really bothers you that they don’t see the potential and possibility. I often find that it becomes a need to make them “get it.” My approach can be an unwanted “Tank Crossing” if Spreading Your Ideas