5 Things Every Creative Freelancer Should Know

Creative freelancers. A mysterious and coveted lifestyle. An aspiring freelancer might think, “How do they find work? Who do they learn from? Where do they find those cool clothes?” Luckily, there’s an event that will help answer those questions and more. Four Winds Creative is proud to host the Bay Area Freelancer’s Guild. Last week was the third event of it’s kind, and it was awesome. Good food and drinks aside, this event had the most important thing: good people.

Recruiters and freelancers alike gathered at 1920C – Beyond Coworking in Chinatown to meet, mingle, and most importantly, to learn from each other. Artists had the opportunity to showcase their work and an open discussion followed to answer some important questions.


5 Tips for Every Freelancer

Here are 5 important tips every creative freelancer must consider:

1. Make time to keep your portfolio fresh.

We all get caught up in the daily hustle and bustle, but don’t forget to set aside time for your most important client- you. An updated, appealing portfolio or website says more than just how talented you are, it shows you’re on top of it.

2. Always respond to job inquiries.

If you aren’t available, respond with a polite decline and even refer someone you know who could do the job. Nobody likes to be left hanging. Plus if you are able and willing, the quicker you respond, the more likely you are to get the job; if someone sends out an inquiry to a group of people, it’s usually first come first serve.

3. A happy client is the best referral.

When you finish a job and the client is really pleased with your work,  ask them to pass your name on to anyone in their network looking for a freelancer. It’s the most appropriate and opportune time to get a reference.

4. P.A.T. Professional, Accurate, Timely Invoices.

Companies who hire freelancers are likely to rehire the ones who can give them professional, accurate, and timely invoices. The people who process your paperwork (and paycheck) will thank you.

5. Be nice to work with.

It sounds too simple to be true, I know. But at the end of the day, you’ll be spending a decent amount of time in person and communicating with these people. One recruiter said, “Between someone with a good attitude and potential, and someone who’s super talented but is difficult to work with, I’ll hire the good attitude any day.”


In a day and age where online profiles dominate and we communicate mostly through words on a screen, the Freelancer’s Meetup is a chance to break through the white noise and have a face to face conversation.

The next meetup is on Wednesday, April 27 and you’re invited. Come meet us, ask questions, grow your network and have a great time!  See you there!

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