9 Ways to Use Video to Maximize Your Next Live Event

Your company is spending big money at live events. Whether it’s a trade show booth, a conference sponsorship, or an event  organized by your business, you’ve invested time and money–  so why not get the most bang for your buck and capture it on video too? The benefits of having a video crew at your next event are many. Hiring a video crew is simple to plan while the list of ways you can use them is tremendous. Here are a few ways we’ve helped our clients maximize live events with video:

9 Ways to Maximize Your Live Event with Video from FourWindsCreative


  • Product Demos:
    You better believe your product will be demoed at your event. Your product managers or trainers have been practicing for weeks. Why not capture the best for on-demand view after the show, whether it be for absent attendees or your own salespeople to showcase your product later.
  • The Event Wrap:
    Creating a highlight video is great to show at the conclusion of your event.
     Not only is it an emotional punctuation for a great live experience, it’s also a great way show attendees what they’ve accomplished
  • The Wrap Report:
    When your event is over, having a visual tool to share with management is sure to convey the success of your event and the investment. In most cases the c-suite, managers, investors, your board and the like didn’t get a chance to see everything your event had to offer. This can be your way of making sure they experience every shining moment.
  • Customer Interviews:
    Your major customers have traveled from near and far to be at your event. Why not interview them without cutting into your travel budget. There’s no better time to capture their success stories and product feedback. Nothing is stronger than the voice of your customer, especially if it’s coming straight from the horse’s mouth via video.
  • Keynotes:
    Keynotes can be very inspiring and insightful. Don’t forget to capture these speakers. Better yet, why not capture and share. Streaming  live to social media platforms will extend the buzz to everyone.
  • Social Media Highlights:
    Creating short highlight videos to share throughout the day is a simple way to generate attention for your event on social media. You can post event highlights daily and share them with attendees via email and social, too.
  • Press Kit:
    Making a video package for news media to attach with your press release makes it easier for them to cover your event. Budgets are tight in most media organizations so if you can save them time and money by providing quality footage and interviews, you’re more likely to see a story or two go live.
  • Booth Energy:
    Having a video crew at your booth is great for generating traffic. Having a film crew makes people curious! They’ll want to see what the video crew is recording and they’ll be drawn into your booth
  • Go live:
    Setting up a broadcast section of your booth for live interviews throughout the day to stream on the internet is not only exciting, it also demonstrates leadership in your industry.



Tons of great reasons to have a video strategy for your live event, right? These are just some of many applications. In a corporate world that is developing a necessity for video content, the possibilities are growing exponentially. We’d love to hear other ideas for video at live events. What have you done and how have you  successfully used video crews at your events? If you’re ready to find out how to maximize your next live event with video or you have questions about how you should use video at your next event, feel free to contact us!

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