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Four Winds’ Keys to Keynotes (Part 1)

We’re often asked what goes into a great keynote. We’ve talked with customers, partners and presenters to gather their thoughts. We’ve taken time to dig deep into the surveys we’ve conducted on our top ranked keynotes.

Freelancer’s Guide to the Galaxy

A lot of what we do as Four Winds Creative is video production, but one of our favorite side gigs is hosting a meetup for creative freelancers in the Bay Area. The Bay Area Creative Freelancer’s Guild Meetup [BACFGM] is more than a tongue twister; its members make it a community for amazing freelance talent right here Freelancer’s Guide to the Galaxy

Happy Birthday: FWC Turns Three!

On screen text over black reads: “Three years later…” <Fade Up> <Camera Pans L-R across scene> The scene is a simple and clean modern office in Silicon Valley. Several people work intently at their computers. An Air Hockey table sits in the background near a couch, television and several book shelves. The far wall has Happy Birthday: FWC Turns Three!