Freelance tips on how to compete with LA crews

As someone who came into the entertainment business late in the game, I appreciate the value of networking because the people you surround yourself with can make or break your career. I met this month’s speaker at San Jose State University, when I decided to go to film school in my late 30’s.

Four Winds’ Keys to Keynotes (Part 1)

We’re often asked what goes into a great keynote. We’ve talked with customers, partners and presenters to gather their thoughts. We’ve taken time to dig deep into the surveys we’ve conducted on our top ranked keynotes.

Video Tips: A First Timer’s Guide for Being Interviewed “On-Camera”

Being interviewed on-camera can be terrifying for a first-timer. What do I wear? How should I speak? How should I prepare? Regardless of your experience level, there are steps that can help you feel confident about being interviewed on-camera. Here are some simple ways to prepare to be interviewed on-camera like a seasoned pro: What Video Tips: A First Timer’s Guide for Being Interviewed “On-Camera”

Live Streaming: When to DIY or Not

Webcasting, live streaming, webinars, video-casting. No matter what you call it there are many ways to offer a live video stream to a worldwide audience and more opportunity and platforms than ever. The timeliness, reliability, and costs often dictate the form that live stream takes. When your message needs special care, reliability of the stream Live Streaming: When to DIY or Not

Spreading Your Ideas

Often we have great ideas that people just don’t glom onto as fast as we think they should. If you’re like me it really bothers you that they don’t see the potential and possibility. I often find that it becomes a need to make them “get it.” My approach can be an unwanted “Tank Crossing” if Spreading Your Ideas