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Freelance tips on how to compete with LA crews

As someone who came into the entertainment business late in the game, I appreciate the value of networking because the people you surround yourself with can make or break your career. I met this month’s speaker at San Jose State University, when I decided to go to film school in my late 30’s.

Four Winds’ Keys to Keynotes (Part 1)

We’re often asked what goes into a great keynote. We’ve talked with customers, partners and presenters to gather their thoughts. We’ve taken time to dig deep into the surveys we’ve conducted on our top ranked keynotes.

Live Event Coverage: How Quick Turn Video Can Amplify Your Message

Anytime your company attends or hosts a live event, you have a huge opportunity to leave a lasting impression. While conferences, trade shows, and company events have countless activities pulling at people’s attention, there are ways to rise above the noise and more importantly make sure your message sticks. One sure fire way we’ve helped Live Event Coverage: How Quick Turn Video Can Amplify Your Message

How to Budget for Video

It’s that time of year again. It’s time to budget and plan for 2017!  Time to reflect on your priorities, wants, and needs for the coming year. Though video content is in huge demand for both internal and external audiences,  this critical line item often gets left off of annual budgets because costs can range How to Budget for Video