CES Video Production

Graphics, demos, and videos can direct viewers’ attention to essential information and keep them listening to what you have to say. These presentation tools are especially important at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to help your brand stand out. With the right team and prep, you can easily elevate your presence with the power of CES video production in San Francisco

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Using Videos During the Consumer Electronics Show

As with any tech event, the CES will be filled with cool innovations and brands — all of which can distract from your presentation. Fortunately, demos, animated graphics, and other visual tools can help you grab and maintain the crowd’s attention. 

Many brands use video demonstrations for larger products or more complicated technology. Combined with high video quality and text graphics, these can highlight your tech’s best specs and raise questions among attendees. Four Winds Creative has also helped CES exhibitors amplify their in-person presentations with intriguing backgrounds and critical information on rotating loops.

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Video Production Services

Even if you’re not making a full documentary, video production is often an extensive process that requires various equipment, training, and roles. A professional video production team, such as Four Winds Creative, can maximize your CES presence with high-quality videos and graphics. By handling most of the video work, we can help you prepare the best visuals possible while you focus on the rest of your presentation. 

Pre-Event Planning

Four Winds Creative will help you plan your CES videos from pre-production through post-production. We will start by compiling the most critical information for your presentations and integrating them into storyboards, scripts, and other layouts. Next, we will plan your video production needs, including product demos, interviews, and B-roll.

Finally, our production team will oversee post-production and use graphics, transitions, and colors to make your presentations stand out. By working around your schedule, Four Winds Creative can help you prep everything you need for an informative, eye-grabbing presentation.

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On-Site Production

Our professional production team works with CES exhibitors to create event videos. Though you can’t use these during your presentations, videos of your time at CES can help you reach people who couldn’t attend the event. Plus, attendees who are interested in your brand can go back and rewatch your presentations if they want more information. 

Four Winds Creative can also help you produce live videos of your presentations. Livestreams are a great way to get consumers and other tech professionals engaged in your brand and interested in what you have to say. They may even encourage other attendees to find your booth. 

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CES Video Production in San Francisco

With so many other technology brands and presentations, you’ll likely have a lot of competition at the Consumer Electronics Show. Four Winds Creative can help prepare your best CES video production in San Francisco, whether you want demos, animations, live streams, or the whole package. Use the form below to contact us today.