Team Spotlight

Eva Hang


My story starts in middle school, when YouTube was still peeking through its eggshell and I was a kid whose best friend was the internet. Before the breakthrough of this platform, my way of editing my home videos and stuffed animal stories was by carefully, yet messily copying VHS tapes.

I had even tried to mix my own song by recording myself while another cassette played, building upon layers. Digital editing, the ability to share my work as creative content, and learning from other content creators—all of these I embraced with speed.

And I discovered a new power in me as I could touch hearts with videos I filmed and edited of my friends, and that I could share my interests with people around the IMG_6063world with music videos put together from clips of shows I liked (YouTube wasn’t kind to me for those, oops). And then I got a microphone, started collaborating with singers, and found that I liked mixing audio.

For a while, I had thought about trying audio engineering, but something felt incomplete.Fast forward to college: I had attended SJSU as a Radio-TV-Film major. I tried various things on student short films, but it was when I was working on sound design for a film that I felt something click. In enhancing storytelling, editing and audio are powerful tools—my weapons of choice. And my first battle mates of choice? Four Winds Creative.

Lights, Camera, Action.

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