Charlyn Villegas

Charlyn Villegas


If there is a way to make the world a better place through quick turn high quality video content, then I’m going to find it.

I graduated from film school in San Francisco, right before the Dot Com bubble burst in 2000, and I accepted a full-time position as a production assistant at Ziff-Davis TV (soon to be TechTV). Most of my classmates left school to make movies in LA, while I stayed behind to make 27K a year logging tapes and organizing a closet filled with products to be reviewed on-air.

I often wondered if I made the right choice since I studied filmmaking, primarily editing, for 4 years, and I wasn’t using any of my production skills as a PA for the editorial department. But the knowledge I gained by working at a start-up TV network with a tight knit group of talented individuals paid me in dividends years later, as a business owner.

Leaving the corporate world after 14 years and starting my own business made me feel like that college graduate again – unsure about my decision but excited about the new opportunities ahead. Except this time, I’m chock-full of experience, amped to the MAX to work with only the best talent, and ready to prove that I can produce high quality videos quickly for our clients and the rest of the world!

This is where my passion and vocation meet. This is how I’m going to die happy. And this is why I’m going to make our clients fall in love with Four Winds Creative because I believe in what we do.

Lights, Camera, Action.

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