AJ VonWolfe

AJ VonWolfe


I grew up on the east coast in Massachusetts but always knew I wouldn’t spend my entire life there. At the age of 18, I decided the quickest way out was to join the military. I enlisted in the US Army with the thought that I would spend a few years as a soldier and sort out my future. Seven and a half years later I found myself honorably discharged and living as a civilian in the Baden-Wurrttemberg town of Stuttgart, Germany. I spent nearly a year working in a video rental store, (Blockbuster style), while trying to keep my progressive rock band active. When the band imploded, I packed up my drums, moved to the southern California city of San Diego and started a new band. Back in the early 90’s recording studios were expensive and record deals were in short supply. I made the decision to go to school to become an audio engineer in order to record the music my band was making. During that process, I learned the curriculum required that I take some video courses to obtain a degree. Although music was my passion, creating video was becoming even more satisfying. Plus, it began to pay the bills.

I kick started my video career editing in a San Diego post house. I quickly jumped at the chance to hone my skills on the new non-linear AVID the facility had recently purchased. It wasn’t long before I purchased my own Final Cut Pro non-linear edit system and began freelancing. I kept busy working on TV spots, promotional videos and eventually a full length feature which screened at the San Diego Film Festival.

Longing for the change of seasons I experienced growing up in New England but wanting to remain on the west coast, I relocated to the Pacific Northwest. I continued to freelance until I got an offer to support the production facility at a major technology company. I remained there for 8 years. During that time I was afforded the opportunity to cross train as a director/technical director and certainly found myself increasingly enjoying the fast pace and controlled chaos of the live event environment.

I have since taken the skills I’ve acquired along this journey and now apply them at Four Winds Creative as their Live Event Manager as well as supporting editor.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, music continues to be a force in my life. In recent years, I was an integral member of the production crew at PDX Spotlight in Portland where I lent my skills in the production, capture and editing of live musical performances. And, in 2018 I provided the drumming as well as co-wrote a few tunes on the “Debris” album by The Karlton Coffin Band. Today, I spend my spare time working with local bands and promoting concerts in the Portland, Oregon area. Perhaps I’ll see you at a show!

Lights, Camera, Action.

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