Post Production & Editing

Make Your Content “Wow” With Expert Post Production & Editing 

“Movie magic” lies in a video’s editing and the approach a skilled editor takes to post-production and their strategies to reach that client vision. Post-production, editing and finishing defines what your video projects will ultimately look, sound and “feel” like to your audience, so it’s not a step you should overlook or rush. 

With expert video post-production experiences from decades of combined project work, Four Winds Creative (FWC) can help you meld your video, graphic, special effect, music and other audio sound design files into high-quality content that will dazzle.

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Post-Production Services

Four Winds Creative can help you with every step and aspect of post-production. Even if you recorded your content yourself, we can edit the video, sound, images and graphics into a final product that meets your goals, meets your budget and captures your audience’s eyes.

Video Editing

Video editing can begin even before the first shot is captured, but typically begins by assessing your raw video and audio files and conforming them to your specific needs. Editors will browse for the best takes, sound bites, and b-roll and juxtapose those into a rough timeline. From here, editors will work with directors, graphic animators, producers, sound designers, and other experts to craft the timeline and messaging to become more than your original vision. Depending on your requests, our editors will make multiple different “cuts” with unique video lengths, looks, aspect ratios and sounds to be the best file for your given playback method or social channel.

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Sound Design

Often overlooked but at least half of your audience experience is your project’s sounds and music. Effective sound design is normally comprised of multiple stages: editing and mixing and finishing being the most common. Sound editing is the process of extracting the choice audio and preparing it to have the best impact for your video. The source files often come from recording someone during an interview or obtaining ambient sounds for background or emotional impact. 

Sound mixing is the process of combining the elements within your timeline.  Our editors and sound mixers aim to keep videos sounding cohesive, as if everything from footsteps to ambiance happened on the screen. This often requires extensive editing to eliminate distracting background noises, such as traffic, conversations, and “hissing” appliances. Recently the introduction of some AI tools have helped deliver usable elements from what would have been previously unusable audio files. This is an exciting and expanding part of this post production and editing process.

All these files are then mixed with the visuals on screen and timed to deliver the most efficient and emotional messaging possible. Once the content is locked, audio finishing can fine tune the audio mix for a specific device, a specific audience or a particular venue if needed. 

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Full Studio Animation and Motion Graphics

FWC’s motion graphic experts have worked on basic animated presentations for executive keynotes, high-end music videos, product explainer videos, and everything in between. Their versatile animation in both 2D and 3D experiences has prepared them for almost every type of project, whether you need graphics for a brief transition or your entire video is animated from start to finish. This part of the process often parallels other things like interviews and b-roll capture but all these elements come together in the post production suite in the hands of a skilled editor.

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Expert Video Post-Production & Editing

Post-production is a critical yet challenging part of the entire process that requires extensive software training, dedicated systems and a fine tuned eye and ear. Four Winds Creative’s post-production team will edit your content using their decades of video, sound, and color finishing experiences. Contact us today for expert video post-production services. We cant wait to help.


“Post” is the third stage of video production, usually beginning as soon as the first piece of media is recorded and often “on set” as the shoot is happening. It generally covers the editing and publication of your content, though specific processes that vary by your project goals and where it will need to be delivered. 

As a rule of thumb, one minute of a final video takes a half day of post-production, though that’s just for basic content. 30-second commercials with extensive motion graphics, audio design, and exacting color palettes defined by corporate branding can often take longer to edit — but the difference in quality will be clearly noticeable and is key if you need to stay “on brand.” 

Post-production may include the following steps and services:

  • File storage by digital imaging technicians (DITs) who may be “on set” 
  • Video editing
  • Sound design and foley
  • Sound mixing
  • Color correction
  • Animation, motion graphics, and visual effects (VFX)
  • Directors’ revisions
  • Producers’ and clients’ revisions
  • Test screenings
  • Color finishing
  • Sound finishing
  • Publication and distribution