Keith Bell

What’s the story with online video?

Humankind has been telling stories since long before we had the written word. Although, no one can know for sure, Princeton University thinks we used sign language before speech to communicate vital information for adapting to our environment. This information gradually formed the basis of stories that enabled us to learn about ourselves and the What’s the story with online video?

FWC Goes Hard at CES 2015

WHEW!!! CES 2015 was an awesome way to kick off the year. We had a blast working closely with old friends, made new friends and broke through the noise in Las Vegas. We started the week off reconnecting with Scott Jordan of SCOTTeVEST fame who Char knows from her TechTV days. We got to play FWC Goes Hard at CES 2015

Be Moved by Stories

Think of the stories you remember. Why do you remember them? Were they funny? Were they sad? Did they get you all fired up with a need to make a change? Chances are you remember the story because it hit you smack dab in your heart. You felt something. You were moved by a struggle, Be Moved by Stories

Spreading Your Ideas

Often we have great ideas that people just don’t glom onto as fast as we think they should. If you’re like me it really bothers you that they don’t see the potential and possibility. I often find that it becomes a need to make them “get it.” My approach can be an unwanted “Tank Crossing” if Spreading Your Ideas