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RetailNext Ups Engagement Using Video

Case Study | RetailNext

“We needed to increase engagement with customers and potential customers through all channels, digital and physical.”

For years, brick-and-mortar retail has been more art than science. Stores put huge budgets toward fixtures, lighting and displays, never really knowing if those changes accomplished their desired impact. Many stores use methods of testing ideas like focus groups — and they help, but those types of initiatives are budget- and time-intensive.

RetailNext provides groundbreaking technology to stores and shopping centers to collect, analyze, and visualize how customers are engaging. Companies like American Apparel, Bloomingdale’s and Brookstone use the RetailNext platform across a variety of functional areas to collect and share across departments, projects and regions. It’s a game changer for retail brands to better understand the effects of store environments, staff interactions and service models on the shopper experience delivered.

Clear Message | Increased Engagement

When RetailNext wanted to increase engagement on its own digital properties they partnered with Four Winds Creative.

“We wanted to use video as a new way to engage with our audience – customers and employees and the like, especially through social media,” said Ray Hartjen, Director of Content Marketing and PR at RetailNext.

“We wanted clear and effective ways of communicating online through various types of stories. Four Winds Creative helps us craft videos for those stories,” said Ray. He’s often tasked with creating a vision for all company communications like new product launches and product updates, as well as deepening relationships with customers.

–Ray Hartjen

Great Results | and Social Media

Online video engagement has been the primary goal for the RetailNext. “We want people to watch it to the very end.” And the videos that Ray and his team have produced with Four Winds Creative are connecting with stakeholders across the board. “We share these stories with the board, our sales team, their contacts, prospects, and with customers.”

In just over a year, RetailNext has seen a 2x to 3x increase in views and viewer engagement across a variety of social networking platforms. “We get a lot of engagement, especially when we promote through LinkedIn, Facebook, Vimeo and Twitter, and on Facebook in particular, video are by far the company’s highest performing updates.”

“We wanted clear and effective ways to communicate critical messages using video.
Four Winds Creative helps us craft engaging stories that always get our message across online and at events.”

— Ray Hartjen
PR Director, RetailNext

Video is essential for RetailNext at trade shows and events.

“We need eye catching videos that grab people walking by at shows and industry events,” said Ray. The team wanted to create “sizzle” reels — visually appealing narratives of RetailNext and the retail industry– to get people into the booth. “Video at trade shows is all about attracting guests to the booth. We had a customer event last week, and we wanted people to walk by and say, ‘wow this is cool, this feels like a big time event run by a big time company,’ even though we’re a relatively small Marketing team,” said Ray, “I like to create visuals that get people excited and pumped up and started for a big day.”