Four Winds Creative response for Covid-19

Maria Bernal-Silva

Where to begin? Creative storytelling has always been a passion. Once upon a time in San Francisco, after a hugely inspired weekend of watching Twilight Zone marathons on KOFY TV 20, I uncovered an electric typewriter at my grandmother’s house and began writing short stories. Fast forward to my senior year in high school where I convinced all my teachers to allow me to pull a team together to produce video projects instead of book reports for every class final. I edited each video VHS to VHS tape added hand-drawn end credits to dot matrix printer paper that I filmed scrolling down the side of my bedroom wall. Spending many of my formative years in Blockbuster video or the like, with my Dad, we watched and re-watched everything from The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957) to Troll (1986) and of course, Alien (1979). As a result, I will be forever fascinated with in-camera practical effects.

After studying Cinema and Film Theory at SFSU and completing a year of hands-on Digital Filmmaking School, I crewed on indie features, short narrative films and worked as a freelance multimedia producer. Then a new 8-year journey began in San Diego working for a large non-profit organization where I became a Conservation Producer, Camerawoman, and Editor. Filming in different countries and learning about wildlife conservation efforts around the world gave me a new perspective into documentary storytelling.

One thing is clear, whether it’s a 15-second commercial or 120-minute film, there is always a story to tell. Now is one of the most uniquely accessible times in history to create and share your story online with the world. And that is what brings me here now to Four Winds Creative. Let’s do this!