Four Winds Creative response for Covid-19

Liz Brown

Unconventional is probably the best way to describe my 10+ years in the creative industry. My love affair began in live theater, leaving a production of The Who’s “Tommy” absolutely floored. I needed to be part of this world, but quickly realized that stage-fright was very much part of my character makeup.

Fast forward a few years, I discovered my organized and empathetic nature was the perfect combination to lead and support production teams through Stage Managing, Producing, and Assistant Directing. Since then, I have been fortunate enough to dabble in many forms of production – Theater, Television, Post, Corporate, Live Event, Short Film, Commercials… you name it, my hands have probably been in it in some fashion. My appreciation for production is all encompassing, however, my greatest passion lies on set as an Assistant Director. Often being described as the “Get Shit Done Manager”,  I find the most joy in keeping everyone on task and on time, but also collaborating with the creative minds that bring these stories to life.

Outside of the production world I enjoy long walks on the beach (and down the wine aisle), talking about CrossFit, and making people laugh.

Putting productions together is a puzzle, and I am a puzzle master… How do all the pieces fit together? I will find out!