Four Winds Creative response for Covid-19

Kristen Hulsey

cropped-Screen-Shot-2019-10-02-at-2.58.35-PM.pngMy journey so far has been a non-linear one to say the least. From a young age, I have always loved all things media: video games, cartoons, movies, Pokémon chat rooms, you name it. I remember sitting in front of the TV one Saturday morning and a short clip came on where a film editor was being interviewed. He described his job making movie trailers, while in a trailer on set (how ironic). I thought to myself, ‘that’s the coolest job in the world!’. I also had a big interest in storytelling. My cousins and I would spend hours on end drawing up comic books, magazines, and writing stories. When my friend got a computer with Photoshop and basic video editing software, my stories went digital.

I always dreamt of traveling, too. My mind was constantly occupied, daydreaming of exploring faraway lands. After getting a degree in creative advertising, I made it happen. I told my dad I was moving to Australia for a few months and would be back by Halloween (eight years and 40 countries later I finally returned – sorry Dad!). I landed my first ‘grown up’ job as a videographer and editor for an event company in Sydney, where I was able to see most of the country while licking my creative chops. I also did a six-week tour of the outback as a cadet journalist for a local newspaper in Cunnamulla, a 1200-population town featuring not one but TWO stop lights.

After a couple of years in Australia and a backpacking trip through South America, I moved to bonnie Scotland. I landed a coordinator role in a production company in Edinburgh that made TV commercials. It was there where I was immersed into the chaotic world of production. From frantically calling shops looking for the perfect Santa costume, to scouring the city for just the right size of pink metallic confetti, to almost getting lost in the highlands because I forgot to print my call sheet, and the list goes on. I learned the ins and outs of Scottish commercial production while moving up the ladder, honed my editing skills and learned how to direct small shoots. I had finally found a way to make storytelling into a career.

After finally moving back to California (and, of course, squeezing in another backpacking trip through Southeast Asia) I now find myself combining all my experiences into my career at Four Winds Creative. The last eight years have taught me that travel opens the mind in ways that can’t be taught. I’ve worked in, lived in and observed many different environments and cultures, and it’s only sparked my curiosity more. Meeting people from all walks of life has taught me how to listen, because everyone has a story to tell and I want to hear them all. I thrive on exploring, adventuring, and storytelling, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. So, let’s hear your story!