Four Winds Creative response for Covid-19

Anton Delfino

The storytelling bug hit me when I worked at video store in high school. (Remember VHS and LaserDisc?) My co-workers introduced me to Anime, Hong Kong action films, Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s filmography, and other cult classics.

Fast forward a few years and I enrolled at Cogswell College to pursue a degree in Digital Motion Picture. My student short “Cereal Monogamy” was accepted to the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival (formerly VC FilmFest) back in 2007. Later that year, I moved to New York City to dive into film production. As a freelancer, I cut my teeth doing grip and electric work on student films, music videos, commercials, and low budget indie films. This was a great way to immerse myself in a new city, by the way. 

The next chapter is in Los Angeles. (I heard they make movies there) In 2010, I started working for Hulu and transitioned to their internal video production team as a production coordinator. Here is when I started to become a video multi-tool. I wore all sorts of hats across all types of different projects. I believe the only department I didn’t work in was Hair and Makeup. 

I moved back home to the Bay Area in 2015. With all the experience on set, in the production office, and in the edit bay, I became a freelance videographer. I’ve worked with agencies and companies to produce video promos for social media. Making videos is fun! But it’s much better when you do it with great folks!